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Art Logistics - 6 Month Subscription

Art Logistics Membership - 6 Month Extension | Art Logistics Membership - New 6 Month Subscription

Art Logistics includes several sections accessible from the menu on the left side of the Home Page for the duration of your membership:
  • Study Guides - organized courses for learning at your own pace.
  • Color Match Tool - allows you to find the closest available match to a specified color among the most popular colored pencil brands. The purpose of the tool is to choose a similar color and show the differences in Value, Chroma and Hue.
  • Color Compare Tool - allows you to choose any two colors and have our system compare their Value, Chroma and Hue.
  • Article Library - presents a collection of theoretical information on various topics related to colored pencil and other forms of art. Many of the articles are referenced in the study guides and will serve as a basis for artists to use and understand the medium.
  • Step-By-Step Library - offers illustration and instructions that  demonstrate the actual implementation of art projects.
  • Video Library – provides video demonstrations that you can access from our website.
  • Project Library-  a selection of downloadable learning projects with organized approaches in putting the theoretical information learned to practical use.
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