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Advanced Colored Pencil Textured Fixative

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We do not ship this item internationally (Continental US only).

Advanced Colored Pencil Textured Fixative (9 oz. aerosol can)

  • Enables virtually unlimited colored pencil layering by restoring tooth to the painting surface.
  • Creates minimum impact on already established values or colors.
  • Isolates previous colored pencil layers and makes them resistant to subsequent Odorless Mineral Spirits application.
  • Provides ability to apply chromatic colors onto a black or dark surface without white underpainting.
  • Allows development of the form from “dark to light” and “light to dark”.
  • Non-toxic, safe to use indoors, non-yellowing, non-darkening, acid free with no odor.  
  • Dries and hardens in minutes.
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